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FocusCorp is a trusted security solutions provider with the main base in Kadapa but catering to Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. We have been providing integrated security solutions since 2015 to various small and medium scale organisations. We have always ensured to deliver the latest technology available in the market, and to be updated on the best solutions for our clients. It is very important to be sure of our security. One of the easiest ways this is possible is through technology that can be employed for your home and businesses. At Focus Corp, this is our main goal: to make sure that you get the best security products and services to set up the right kind of infrastructure for you. With Focus Corp, you are guaranteed the best way to secure yourself.

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Our Services

CCTV Service

Closed Circuit TV is one of the most popular methods of static and mobile surveillance used for security purposes around the world. CCTV can be either video cameras or even digital stills cameras. There are several different types of CCTVs available in the market today for different purposes.

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Computers & Printers

We started Focus Corp to be a reliable technology provider for personal as well as business purposes. We undertake installation and servicing of entire organisational requirements for computers and printers. Depending on your requirements, you can be sure of the best solutions for your venture.

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The reason Focus Corp consistently receives positive feedback from our customers is because of the care we put in not only getting you the right brands, but because of our dedication to the maintenance. By signing up for an Annual Maintenance Contract, you are assured of consistently delightful service for you, for years.

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Rental Product Service

At Focus Corp, it is our aim to help you achieve your goals in the most efficient manner. That is why, when you need equipment for temporary purposes, you can just rent it from us instead of investing big money on the latest technology. Call us to know more.

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Our Brands

You can choose from the best technology brands available here. We make every effort to stock the right equipment as required by our clients here. If you are looking for a particular solution, we would be happy to help you deliver. Currently, we stock the following:

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